Thrilling race action and new winners in the DEKM
07. September 2020 Back to news overview »
  • Second race of the season at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf
  • Final victories for Axel La Flamme and Diego Stifter
  • Joel Mesch DEKM-Half-time Champion

Only a week after the season kick-off, the German Electric Kart Championship (DEKM) travelled on to Wackersdorf. Within the framework of the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy, the participants experienced exciting race decisions. Axel La Flamme and Diego Stifter ended up as the winners.

The DEKM started into its third season with a huge success. In Kerpen, the new E-Kart Project E20 by manufacturer and partner BRP-Rotax was used for the first time in the world’s first pure electric kart racing series. During a multiple-year-long development phase, a pure race kart with an electric power unit was created. Less weight and higher performance already made for considerably longer racing distances and remarkable lap times in Kerpen.

The DEKM now tied in with this in Wackersdorf too. Other than usual, the Championship took place within the framework of the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy this time. Beaming sunshine, challenging track conditions and an international field of participants with drivers from six nations made for best conditions in the fight for the half-time Championship.

Axel La Flamme triumphs on Saturday

DEKM-routine driver Luka Wlömer got back into the fight for the title on Saturday morning during qualifying with a pole position. There was no way past the 18-year-old during the pre-final’s 13 laps as well. He fended off all attacks by his pursuers and won in front of Axel La Flamme Kerpen-final winner Joel Mesch. The top five were completed by Diego Stifter and Sebastian Kraft.

The final in the afternoon was more varied. After two laps, La Flamme took the lead and seemed to set the pace. Wlömer kept close though and even managed a short-term counter-attack. Due to this, Mesch came close from behind and also got involved in the fight for victory. Leading driver La Flamme profited from this: He drove off a bit and came in first. Wlömer defended second place in front of Mesch, Stifter and Elijah Alessandro Saia.

Heart-stopping final with Diego Stifter as Sunday winner

The beginning of Sunday was similar to that on Saturday. Wlömer led the field after qualifying again. He profited from a penalty against Mesch, who was set back five positions due to a spoiler penalty and lost his top position. Wlömer used his starting position during the race and drove towards a safe victory this time. After a distance, four drivers followed: La Flamme, Mesch, Saia and Stifter. Again, a front spoiler penalty was Mesch’s downfall and threw him back to seventh place.

The last race of the weekend became a real thriller. At the front, several drivers fought for victory. First victim was La Flamme: He already ended up in the off during the second lap and had to end the race shortly after. Meanwhile, Stifter took the lead and kept it over long distances. It then became a heart-stopping final during the last lap. Wlömer had fought his way past Mesch again to second place and drove next to the leading driver during the last bend. In the end, the duo was only a thousandth of a second apart. Winner Diego Stifter was accordingly enthusiastic in his interview: “Towards the end, I defended my position and am really happy to have won. I’d like to thank my mechanic, who prepared a perfect kart for me. I’d also like to thank my partners, who make my start in the DEKM possible.” The decision regarding third place was also narrow – in the end, Mesch came in in front of Saia. Sebastian Kraft showed a strong catching-up race: He had to start from the pit lane and fought his way forward to fifth place.

After Wackersdorf is before Wackersdorf

After the first half of the season, the DEKM is now going to take a short break and will continue at the end of September (25th – 27th) in Wackersdorf again. Then, the hunt for the current Championship leader Joel Mesch is going to start for the participants. With Luka Wlömer and Axel La Flamme, the pursuers are really close though and already promise an exciting continuation.

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Extract of the championship standings after Wackersdorf:

  1. Joel Mesch (113 Points)
  2. Luka Wlömer (110 Points)
  3. Axel La Flamme (97 Points)
  4. Diego Stifter (91 points)
  5. Sebastian Kraft (84 points)