German Electric Kart Championship DEKM starts into second season
  • DEKM kick-off in Wackersdorf
  • drivers from seven nations
  • 38.500 euros prize money

Next weekend, the German Electric Kart Championship (DEKM) is going to start into its second season in Wackersdorf, Germany. Young drivers from seven nations are going to start and fight for the first points of the globally unique electric kart racing series. The DEKM is supported by strong partners.

Philipp Britz from Saarbrücken won the title in the premiere season of the DEKM and celebrated a successful final within the framework of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Brazil. Due to being the champion, he was admitted to the training program of Porsche Motorsport and makes room for a new champion in 2019.

International starting field and old acquaintances

Eleven drivers from seven nations make for an international field of participants this year. With Luka Wlömer and Lukas Horstmann, two well-known faces are going to start. The duo already participated in 2018 and finished the season on third and fourth places. Thus, they belong to the title favorites. All other drivers are going to break new ground. Next to four German drivers, the other participants come from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and Taiwan.

Focus on equal chances

Under the banner of a sustainable and cost-conscious racing series, the tires, the weight of the e-karts and the test days are going to be uniformly determined for every driver of the starting field before the races. The High Performance Racing E-Kart Rotax THUNDeR comes with a maximum speed-up of 0-100km/h in 3.5 s and reaches a top speed of 130 km/h. Next to the Rotax ePowerpack, the e-kart consists of a specially developed Sodi Sigma DD2 chassis as well as Vega tires.

Oliver Schielein, managing director of the DEKM-promoter IKmedia is happy about the international response: “We experienced a world first last year with the DEKM and showed exciting races. The final in Brazil was the end of a successful premiere year. We were able to win over several international drivers in 2019 and thereby widened the range of the DEKM.”

Attractive prize money and final in Italy

In corporation with the partners of the DEKM, prize money of 38.500 euros is going to be distributed this year. At the end of the year, the first six drivers are going to receive prize money. Additionally, the best rookie and the driver with the best communication strategy are going to be financially rewarded. “We want to give the young drivers the possibility to refinance their commitment to the DEKM in parts. So we’re happy to have been able to create such an attractive prize money for kart racing”, explains Schielein, who used to be a race driver himself.

The kick-off to the season is going to take place at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf. From May 11th-12th, the drivers of the DEKM are going to fight for the first championship points of the year on Saturday and Sunday during qualifying, pre-final and the final race. The season consists of five races. Four times, the DEKM is going to take place within the framework of the German Kart Championship. For the final event, it’s going to take place within the framework of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Sarno (Italy).